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The Princess Design Studio

The Princess Design Studio is a dynamic team of interior designers dedicated to working with customers on the interior and exterior styling of their yachts, along with offering continued support to the global distributor network on all of your styling specification queries. This includes soft furnishings, furniture, lighting & bathroom finishes, with a broad materials library designed to meet varied tastes across all regions.

With a key involvement in the development process in Plymouth, the team can help you understand the detail and design intent for each model, ensuring the styling specification will translate and the customer’s vision is realised. This can be as detailed as a client demands and can be tailored to meet specific budget requirements.

In Princess Yachts West Sweden/Norway/Denmark headquarter in Vindön everyone buying a new boat will be able to explore their choice of styling in four experience rooms with different themes including wood, stones, fabrics and accessories. Alongside all the latest collections from Princess Yachts, we also offer the full range of the Artwood collection to decorate your new boat with scatter cushions, plaids and beautiful art. Together we will guide you through your choices to make your yacht everything you’ve dreamed of.



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