Höveling Golden Teak 1 Cleaner


Golden Teak 1 Cleaner is the easiest method to get dirty and grizzled teak clean. Golden Teak is a teak treatment series with washing, bleaching and sealer with waterproofing which restores graying teak and maintains and preserves teak golden glow.

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The treatment is performed in three steps:
1. Golden Teak 1 Cleaner to get dirty and gray teak clean.
2. Golden Teak 2 Brightener to revoke the luster of the teak deck again.
3. Golden Teak 3 Sealer to seal and preserve teak.

Use Cleaner:
Clean the teak deck thoroughly with plenty of water (excess water is wiped off with a cloth). While teak is still damp, apply Golden Teak 1 Cleaner evenly and plentifully. Scrub through the deck thoroughly with a sponge. The teak may not dry for reading! Rinse the deck thoroughly with plenty of water. Excess water is wiped off with a clean cloth. While teak is still damp, continue reading with Golden Teak 2 Brightener. When the teak dried properly (!!) To seal the end with Golden Teak 3 Sealer.

Approximately 4 m² / bottle.

After contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 150 mm